Autonomous landscape photography and architectural photography

As someone with an intense passion for both nature and architecture, I find myself in my deepest state of connection when in remote places outdoors and well designed interiors reflecting the creativity of the designer or architect. This - to be inspired by bothnature and creative designs - is for me the best of both worlds.

Photographing architecture is a pure challenge: isolating specific details and choosing intriguing perspectives to portray the beauty of simple geometry and lines; capturing the image of the graphic aspects of a building to reflect every form of the design to tell a story.

My fine art work is about nature: the feeling we get from it, the way we look at it and the way we have been taught to see it.
Through the manipulation and direction of the spectator’s focus, a photograph captures and represents nature in a way that goes beyond the ordinary realms of perception; it is my intention that my photography takes the viewer beyond this image of nature most familiar to us.

I aim to translate for the viewer the experience of nature from my perspective, both how I see and feel it;
a poetic imagery of reality linked to neither time nor place.

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