Blurred vision “A blurry image by incorrect focus”
Within the confines of imagination, beyond the confines of reality

“The reality phenomenon”
The phenomenon of focus is the orientation of attention to a specific detail, whereby other details in the surroundings are overlooked. What do we see? How have we learnt to look at it? When we see a forest do we see a gathering of trees, a winding path, moss on the ground, the sunlight shimmering through the treetops to cast patterns on the forest floor?

Is what we see the result of our experience as we are living it, or do we see the forest in a way we have been taught that it should be seen? How we experience a place is influenced by our previous experiences of those images we have already seen.

Blurred Vision is about the forest and our focus. The viewer has the opportunity to observe the forest as though from the perspective of a different reality, and in doing so notice new details. The ordinary becomes unusual, filled with wonder. It is in this wonder that we discover new meaning. (Dutch version)

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