Graphic elevation “Graphic phenomena above the horizon”
Graphic elevation is about my great fascination with the perspective seen from peaks in the landscape.

I grew up in the Flevopolder: a place with an extremely flat, stark horizon, interrupted by nothing but a few trees. Trekking in mountainous and hilly landscapes, I discovered new perspectives from those to which I was accustomed. The elevation combines with the playful movement of the sun and clouds to provide a fascinating effect which cannot be seen from a flat landscape. The lines created by the height, the diversity of colours, light and dark, the shadows cast by clouds… all of these provide an intriguing and continuously changing picture which can only be seen from an elevated position. A hillside or ridge turns into a canvas coloured by its vegetation, the changing seasons, the clouds and the sunlight. Many components can alter form and texture in a single moment; a breathtaking graphic phenomenon above the horizon. (Dutch version)

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